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At Grapevine, we recognize that each student has a unique collection of strengths, interests and talents, as well as areas of challenge that are important to address while considering academic settings. For many of the students we work with, going to college will be the first time they have considered living away from home. Additionally, they have worked so hard to succeed academically that they don’t always have a full resume of sports, activities and volunteer work to highlight in their applications. For many students and parents alike, further support is needed in understanding their unique learning profile as well as the numerous post-secondary supports and educational options that are available. Seeking to understand the concerns of parents and students is our starting place, and a plan is created from there.

Our process starts with the completion of intake forms that are filled out by the student and parents.  These forms help us to gain a working understanding of your needs, desires and areas of concern. With the submission of the intake forms, parents will be asked to provide documentation that will demonstrate the student’s educational and personal profile. Such materials will include any evaluations (neuropsychological, psychoeducational, etc.) that have been completed within the last three years, academic transcripts, standardized testing scores - if any, IEP or 504 plan - if any, and any other records that would enable us to create a full picture of the student’s academic experience. This information will give us insight to personal interests, achievements and goals, as well as to help us understand your student’s unique learning needs.

Following this records review, we will meet with the parents and the student for a consultation meeting. During this meeting we will address the student’s learning profile, school record and post-secondary goals. We will provide information on the supports available in high school or college settings and discuss a general school selection strategy. The high school or college admission process and timeline will also be reviewed. If you wish to retain our services after this point for ongoing college consulting, we will outline a plan regarding our continued work together through this process. For a full listing of services, please see the Our Services  page.

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