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We are available to work with students at any point during their middle or high school tenure on identifying and selecting high schools or colleges and transition programs that will meet their unique needs. Our specialty is in working with students with mild to moderate learning differences who wish to continue their education after high school. The process of considering and selecting secondary and post-secondary options for any child is one that is somewhat filled with apprehension, and we are aware that it can be overwhelming for many. We are here to help you through this process by providing you with an understanding of the options that are available to students at the college level.
We can provide recommendations for summer programs, professionals who can provide families with an evaluation and diagnosis, if needed, and ways to diversify the student’s activity resume. See the Our Services page for a complete listing of our services. Most importantly, we take into consideration the whole child - complete with areas of strength and challenge, interests and dislikes - in order to offer suggestions that further each student’s personal, social/emotional and academic success and growth.

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